Friday, July 30, 2010

The old-dates Method of Grinding the Grains in Kalasha Valleys

This is the cyber era-we are observing-the world has been changed at extent level, and it is the era of machines. We have modern machines and instruments in our lives. These machines have made our lives easier compare to our ancestors.
But, in this cyber era, there is a community, living in northern Pakistan, living in ‘back dates’. They have their indigenous culture & way of life. This community is the Kalasha of Hindu Kush Range; the Kalasha people are exercising very old way of life. They still have barter system alive with them.
Even today they people (the Kalasha people) grind their grains with Stone Grinding Mills on the banks of streams. The man, history told, is being used millstone since Neolithic Era, so the Kalasha are still using millstone powered by water stream under it.

I am, here, sharing two images of millstone/stone grinding mill/water mill (panchakki in Urdu) and a video clip.

Stone Grinding Mill (Image I)

Stone Grinding Mill (Image II)

Stone Grinding Mill (Video Clip)