Monday, July 26, 2010

A Kalasha Baby (With centuries ago tradition)

This picture is of a Kalasha baby, the Kalasha tribe is a pagan tribe of Pakistan; the sole pagan tribe living in Pakistan. Once the population of the Kalasha tribe was about 10,000 in 1950's but now their population is just about 4000. It is an endangered tribe, to be vanquished.
In three Kalasha Valleys (Bumboret, Rumbor & Birir) you may observed centuries old traditions. The people still are observing their indigenous culture. The Kalasha boys are kept naked for two years and then they are dressed on kameez (shirt) up to the age of five years. And after five years a ritual is done and all mamagans (uncles) gathered and then boy baby is given a shalwar (pants) to wear. But in the case of girl, she is dressed on full dress but not Susut; the head-gear which is given her to at the age of five and then she is considered the member of the Kalasha tribe.

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