Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Introduction to Kalasha Tribe of Pakistan

Introduction to Kalasha Tribe of Pakistan

One of the major attractions for the tourists, historians, sociologists and anthropologists, professional photographers and archeologists of the world, is the Kalash valleys (Chitral district) in the North-West part of Pakistan. Kalash valleys, which have earned world fame because of their specific culture, are the home of Kafir Kalash or wearers of the black robes, a primitive pagan tribe. The Kalash people live in the three sub-valleys of Kalash; Bumboret, Rumbor and Birir. The Kalasha are ancient tribe of Pakistan and they have their own way of life, their own religion, language, rituals and their own identity. This part of Pakistan is considered to be a well preserved ethnic and cultural museum. Owing to this value, Kalasha culture has been listed by UNESCO for consideration as World Heritage Site. The Kalasha culture is unique as well as amazing one, from all over the world tourist come here to see their natural beauty and unique culture and each year many historians, anthropologists and photographers from all over the world focus the Kalasha society.

The Kalasha tribe is observing the great demographic change; their population is under threats for many years. Their population was 10,000 in 1959 showed 63% decrease per annum due to the pressure of people from the urban centers of the country, shrinking it to 3700 souls in 2009.

The Kalasha society is observing cultural change, that is drastic cultural and social change.

The cultural change affected at large scale:

  • Family breakup and disturb the family system
  • Permanent loss of rituals
  • Loss in cultural participation in daily practices
  • Loss in cultural participation in communal events

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