Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Kalasha Web Directory

As we know that the Kalasha tribe is an endangered tribe, it is need of hour to promote the particular society. But here I would love to preserve the Kalasha culture and society on-line. I would love to prepare Web Directory of Kalasha Tribe; if you have a good source please let me know I will post it with your name.
Drop an email at: abufeeman@gmail.com

  • http://kalashapeople.org/, this site will give a look about the Kalasha society like culture, education, festivals etc., and some new updates.

  • The given site can make you known about the Kalasha culture, devalok (pantheon), concept about fairies, festivals and their schedule, birth-marriage and death rituals, burial rituals and some problems regarding the particular tribe. This is the good source to understand the Kalasha music. http://www.site-shara.net/_kalasha/eflm-kalasha.html

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