Photo Gallery of the Kalasha of Pakistan

A Typical Kalasha Settlement (Rumbor Valley)

Kalasha Arts & Crafts (Head Gears)

The Kalasha Gandao: The Wooden Effigies made for Memorial of their loved ones, who have left.

The Kalasha Gandao: The Wooden Effigies made for Memorial of their loved ones, who have left.


  1. A Precious information of the Hidden world to the outside ruthless world.I request to all human beings of the world irresprective of religion to come forward to preserve & enrich the KALASH TRIBE as it is unique to the world.

  2. In this bankrupt world we live in,be it western,eastern or Islamic we all long for something pure and real.As the keepers of purity the Kalashi have much to teach us.Will Pakistan do the right thing and protect this wonderfull culture?Will Kalashi profit from there great woodworking skills?Will the Kalashi market there fruit laced wines?great profit potental here.What of Kalashi irrigation skills,will the tribe form a company to make these skills earn money for there people?Why not also set up a Kalashi building group to also turn a profit?Eco housing is the new thing,good money here.And what of Shamanic tourists,there is great interest in the west in tribal religion,the Kalashi could set up a Shamanic lodge/Temple/retreat( true Indo-Euro heritage here)for paying western Pagans,this could bring in real money direct to Kalashi elders,along with raising the worldwide image of the Kalashi.If Pakistan gave Kalashi converts there right to protection I am sure we would see the return of both the Urtsun and Jingeret Kuh valleys as well as Kalkatak and Suwir villages to Kalasha Desh to say nothing of those Islamisized Kalashi in the 3 remaining valleys.I pray that Kalashi win through in the end .

    1. It seems you have deep study of the Kalasha people. You raised really good questions/issues to be met. But who dares and who cares!
      Its really a unique and pagan tribe of Pakistan and need much protection socially, culturally and constitutionally.
      Would you like to share your Kalasha Knowledge on this blog as an author?
      I will wait for your response.

  3. hi there i need to know why they leave their new born babies wd dead mothers to die? is it not cruel or brutal?

  4. hi kashif its a nice work
    me and my some other lahori,s friends was visited recently visited at kalasha,s two vally,s birir and bambrait
    after a 8years we scen there dramaticlly changes like satlite dishes ptcl landline and v wirless mobile handset and fixed sets carrying kalashs local made electricity and highr education rate and awareness of outside world now these days they have allowed to guestes to join there homes for sharing feelings culture and other,s things ...
    its much better then i was visited in 2004 kalasha,s women thrown stones on tourists and would not like to tourists and demanding for one snape 100rs i was very disharted at that time i was not explored as much i want after a long journy

  5. I just recently stumbled upon this tribe, I have never heard of them before. I have to admit I am very intrigued by them. Most tribal communities are being forced into modern beliefs of whatever that would be in their communities. I strongly believe and would like to support their continued well being and survival. I think more world wide knowledge about them should be brought forth. Threw understanding, patients and love for our human brothers, sisters, we owe it to these people to be able to be product members of the world society and to chose their own way of life, religious beliefs. They should be free of outside influences or forces trying to change them, no one has the right to do that to the other. Please let me know what can be done on a broader scale to help preserve these peoples way of life, survival.