Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kalasha Complain of Discrimination (Letter to Editor)

Kalasha Complain of Discrimination  
Kalash, the indigenous and original inhabitants of Chitral are still being deprived of their constitutional rights in the following way.
1. Our religion is not included in the list of religions and we are being forced to show Buddhism or Islam as our religion. 
2. Kalash students are being taught Islamiat in schools, whereas they should be taught ethics instead of Islamiat.
3. KPK govt has included 12 languages to be taught in schools but Kalasha language hasn't been included despite the fact that we have developed our text books upto grade 18 with the help of the Greeks.
All these issues are leading to more and more conversions and the tribe is endangered.. Islam does not allow to suppress minorities, it rather instructs to protect them. Help preserve the Kalash from extinction. -- A concerned Kalash, Chitral 03 Feb 2012

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