Monday, December 20, 2010

Annual Festival of Kalash Community Chomas on its Peak

Annual Festival of Kalash Community Chomas on its Peak

Annual religious festival of Kalash community Chatarmas (Chomas) is being celebrating in three valleys of Kalash community Rumbor, Bumborate and Birir. But the festival is on its peaks these days. The religious festival has been started from December 7 but it will be on its peak on 20, 21 and 22 December Simultaneously in these three valleys. During the annual festival which is celebrating every year in winter season Kalash men and women perform folk dance which is a part of their worship, they sacrifice animals like Muslim sacrificing animal on Eidul Azha and they offer Dua for new year to be good luck for them. Hence during the Chatarmas festival Kalash not allow any Muslim for three days to enter neither the valley nor any Kalsh who coming from outside (other valley) they kill their animal from back side not slaughter them its meat is distributing among them and drink local wine jointly. Hence there are some other mysterious customs, habits, events of Kalsh people which are not performing openly. Hence on the final day of the festival Kalash (Non Muslim) which have very unique culture and rare generation of the world together and perform dance at their dance places. Their men beating drum and their religious leaders which are called Qazi singing religious and historical songs and their relative put rupees note in their cap. They usually appreciating bravely, good works, generously and every notable work of their elders in their songs and other Kalash hailing them. Kalash people celebrating 4 festivals a year and this is the last one of this series. They gathering from each village and performing dance on the beating of drum and forwarding in procession towards dancing place. They also predicted for New Year and consider it a good and pray for carrying happiness for them. At last they presenting very unique performance as well as dancing jointly men and women and praying for New Year and dispersed. A large number of domestic and well as foreign tourists approach the valley to enthrall from these colorful events of very unique and rare nation of the world.


G. H. Farooqui

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