Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview of Lakshan Bibi

Interview of Lakshan Bibi
I am here sharing an interview of Lakshan Bibi who is spokesperson of the Kalasha community; she is running an NGO named Kalasha Indigenous Survival Program (KISP). She belongs to Rumbor Valley but permanently she stays at federal capital; Islamabad.
A majority of the Kalasha people don’t like her as they think that Lakshan Bibi is not participating in the welfare of their people, she is just building Jastakhans (temples). There are as many temples in all three Kalasha valleys and people need schools, dispensaries rather than more Jastakhans. More, the local people think that she is not promoting their culture as she lives in Islamabad, she does not perform dance in the Kalasha festivals, she does not spend her menstrual cycle in the Bashali (a isolated home outside the village on the bank of river.) etc.
Anyhow these are the views of the local people from all three valleys; Bumboret, Rumbor and Birir.

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